​​Queen Spectacle History​

Silvia has been in the optical industry since high school.  What started out as a part-time job fabricating glasses, turned into a change in career choice.  Throughout high school, Silvia’s dream was to become a teacher.  With the encouragement of a co-worker and her older brother, she decided instead to enrol in the Opticianry program at Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario.   

Alan started working in the sunglass division of the optical industry in his early twenties.  He quickly worked his way to management and was encouraged by an Optician to enrol in the Opticianry program and further educate himself in the field he was quickly becoming passionate about.  He applied, and was accepted in the Opticianry program at Georgian College as well.

Silvia and Alan met at Georgian College where they began the Opticianry program together.  In 1999, they graduated together. 
In 2002, Silvia was determined to open an optical in her hometown of Streetsville.  Alan backed her up. There had already been a few opticals in the neighbourhood, and Alan encouraged her to reconsider opening from scratch, instead to consider purchasing an established location.   She walked into one of the ones that was already there and asked them if they would be willing to sell their optical to her.  They did.  In May 2002, Silvia and Alan bought Classic Eyewear Ltd.  They operated their shop at 168 Queen Street South for the next 5 years, and in 2007, moved to 201 Queen Street South.  The move was their opportunity to re-establish themselves and change the name to Queen Spectacle. 

Since then, Queen Spectacle has grown into an incredible Eye Care Team.  They have strived since the beginning to provide ‘Excellence in Fashion Eyewear’.  Doing so, they have branched themselves into Port Credit and in June 2012, purchased Kingsway Opticians in the Kingsway (Etobicoke, ON).  With three locations, Queen Spectacle has continued to maintain their quality and focus on providing exceptional customer service.